Specialty Finishes

Decorative & Protective Specialty Finishes

PPG’s industrial maintenance products feature PPG High Performance Coatings (HPC) products for light and daily industrial/commercial maintenance use.

With decades of experience, HPC products are specified by architects and applied by applicators throughout North America. HPC products include Pitt-Tech® acrylics, Aquapon® and Pitt-Guard® epoxies, Pitthane® urethanes and the MegaSeal® flooring line.

The PPG Building Renewal Program provides a complete line of extremely durable and visually-appealing protective coatings for a variety of interior and exterior surfaces.

PPG’s advanced coatings technologies provide the best in premium restoration and renovation protection to enhance the value of buildings and add years to their lifespan.

The PPG Building Renewal Program offers individual products and recommended systems to solve every restoration, renovation, protection and beautification challenge.

Green Building Renewal Savings

PPG Building Renewal

Coraflon ADS lntermix

Coraflon ADS lntermix’s ultra-durable finish will save you money over the life of your building. With a long- life expectancy and superior gloss and color retention, Coraflon ADS Interm ix system delivers a low maintenance finish that stands the test of time even under extreme environmental conditions.

Coraflon ADS Intermix formula is available in satin and gloss finishes and a wide variety of colors, all of which provide outstanding resistance to UV light. The finish resists chalking, weathering, marring and abrasion and is tough against chemicals. It also repels surface dirt and contaminants, so your building or structure will retain its beauty for years to come.

DTM Bonding Primer

DTM BONDING PRIMER is a waterborne, acrylic emulsion, adhesion-promoting bonding primer. Designed to be part of a system for coating pre-finished metal siding (such as those containing Fluorocarbon [Kynar], Silicone Polyester, or Polyester Polymers), or other hard, slick, glossy surfaces, and previously painted surfaces.

  • Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities.
  • Must be topcoated

Recommended Usage
For use over prepared: Pre-Finished Siding such as:

  • Fluorocarbons (Kynar)
  • Polyester Polymers
  • Silicone Polyester

Acceptable for use in high performance architectural applications

DTM Bonding Primer

Sher-Cryl High Performance Acrylic

SHER-CRYL HPA is a new technology, ambient cured, one component acrylic coating with superior exterior performance properties. Provides performance comparable to high performance solvent based coatings such as urethanes and epoxies.

  • Chemical resistant
  • Superior color and gloss retention
  • Outstanding early moisture resistance
  • Flash rust/early rust resistant
  • Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities
  • Low odor
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fast dry

Recommended Usage
For use over prepared:

  • Steel
  • Galvanizing
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Zinc rich primers
  • Buildings
  • Storage Tanks
  • Water treatment plants
  • Machinery
  • Equipment
  • New Construction
  • Power plants
  • Piping
  • Structural Steel
  • Select Marine Structures

Conforms to AWWA D102-03 OCS #3 Acceptable for use in high performance architectural applications.

Sher-Cryl High Performance Acrylic
Sher-Cryl High Performance Acrylic


A comprehensive line of problem solving technologies has earned the trust and confidence of customers around the globe. Technologies include water based, 100% solids, and VOC compliant formulations backed with extensive testing and a multitude of case histories. Whether the need is for corrosion protection, fire protection, chemical resistance, long-term weathering, color stability, quick-to-service, abrasion, insulation, heat resistance, or immersion linings.


Glass filled epoxy

High performance, glass-flake filled, cold cure epoxy having excellent film strength and resistance to water, salt water and wastewater exposures.

This coating exhibits outstanding moisture tolerance during application, low temperature cure capability, and very fast cure response for quick return to service. Glass flake reinforcement enhances film strength, impact resistance and barrier properties.

Can be used on a variety of surfaces including structural steel, piping, pilings, ships, offshore structures and other equipment exposed to industrial or marine environments. It can also be used in immersion service for salt water, process water (non-potable) and waste water treatment projects.


  • High solids, low VOC
  • High build (20+ mils)
  • Low temperature cure (20°F)
  • Excellent moisture tolerance during application
  • Fast cure response
  • Excellent physical and barrier properties