Inspection & Engineering Services

York Industrial Services employs qualified experts who specialize in finding the root causes of defective coatings

We have superior knowledge in both paint composition and application.

Some commercial and industrial painting projects require inspection before and after a projects’ completion. In some cases, this inspection is integral to receiving certification for approval, as is the case for new construction, public buildings and civil works.

At York Industrial Services, we have experts who are qualified in providing independent inspections and certifications in order to ensure compliance to industry standards.

Our experts and facilities have the following…

  • Over 60+ years of experience in the paint industry
  • NACE Coatings Inspector certified
  • Photo gallery
  • Chemical engineers and product specialists with industry experience

Our services include…

  • Site inspection and report of coatings/substrate
  • Specification writing and review
  • Diagnostics of defective paint and finding root causes
  • Technical support
  • Engineering services
  • Corrosion mapping