When it comes to flooring, York Industrial has the right stuff!

Industrial and commercial epoxy or polyurethane flooring systems are vital for protecting surfaces from heavy traffic areas and corrosive environmental effects.

Industrial epoxy flooring applications are mandatory across many industries for protection against everyday situations including foot traffic, forklifts, chemicals, oils and solvents. Floors can be customized to include anti-slip aggregates or decorative additives such as quartz, vinyl flakes and metallics.

Application & End-Uses

We are experienced in commercial  flooring, and we have all of your flooring needs covered. Some of the finishes we offer include: Epoxy Flooring, Polyurethane, Polyester, MMA floors, Concrete polishing.

Consistency in thickness and faultless preparation means your floors will last longer and withstand more punishment than a floor from a cheaper competitor. Guaranteed.