Commercial Painting

At York Industrial Services we provide a fully-integrated painting and protection service

When the time comes to renovate commercial spaces or if rebranding means your office or factory needs a colour makeover, York Industrial Services can provide a fully-integrated painting and protection service. Our service spans from fast quoting all the way through to a spotless clean-up after the job is complete. Our large workforce enables speedy service delivery on both minor and major projects alike. We provide general painting services for any business, with a professional, high quality finish.

At York, we know that your business is important to both you and your customers and therefore, we will have your business up and running in no time. We offer painting services for brand-new building development as well as repainting refurbished buildings (such as hotels, educational facilities, shopping centres, office complexes and retail centres).

We understand that many projects need to be completed during school holidays, weekends, public holidays and outside of your regular operating hours in order to minimize service disruptions.

Application & End-Uses

  • condo and high-rise painting
  • retail
  • health care
  • hospitality
  • institution
  • schools
  • food and beverage
  • government
  • repairs and touch up
  • concrete restoration
  • tilt-up repairs

Commercial Specialities

Asset Protection

The protection of assets from corrosion is a key commercial, safety and environmental issue. Our expertise in the selection and application of high protective coating systems will significantly enhance your asset’s operational performance and working life expectancy.

Water Jetting

Water jetting uses high pressure water to remove coatings and build-up on a range of different materials. When carrying out water jetting, it’s essential the operator of the jet is highly trained and experienced.

Concrete Repairs

We are qualified and experienced with large-scale concrete repair projects for condominiums and high-rise apartment sand large commercial complexes.