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A full-service provider of industrial and commercial coatings, and fireproofing solutions


York Industrial Painting Services

Canada-Wide, the most Reliable Multi-Trade Paint & Coatings Contractor with broad Engineering and related Support Services.

York Industrial is a Toronto based company that provides a complete protective coating service for your project. For over a decade we have been providing our services to numerous major construction projects, mining oil and gas, power, water wastewater, along with commercial building markets. Due to our high level of workmanship and experience, York Industrial continues to be a preferred applicator for many leading industrial coatings suppliers. Our close relationship with these suppliers allows us to have access to the latest in protective coatings technology.

When your team is too busy to schedule and manage painting contractors – call on ours. With daily expertise in painting project management and a passion for professional results, it makes sense to let us see your job all the way through from quote to completion. From job estimation and colour consultation, to overseeing the painting while you keep your business running smoothly, you’re guaranteed a professional finish – and spotless clean-up – with minimum disruption to the daily routine. What do you need and when!!!!!

Multi-Trade Paint & Coatings Contractor

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